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Alesia Glidewell is a film, branded content, and digital series director/showrunner. She has created and directed dozens of wildly original short form series with influencers, real people and traditional casts. Many of her videos have gone viral and, in general, have hard hitting view counts.


Glidewell is of Japanese-Brazilian descent and spent her formative years in Saudi Arabia, Latin America and across the U.S. She's held practically every position on a film set and has worked across commercials, broadcast technology, vfx, video games, stunts and reality television. She works with talent and crew in English, Spanish and Italian and lives with her passport ready at all times. 

For a broader overview of her work history, check out her resume.


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  • 2019/2020 Sony Pictures Television Diverse Director's Program

  • 2019, Elected to the Producer's Guild of America, New Media Council Board

  • 2018, Superlounge Diversity Award, Commercial Directing

  • 2017, Women in VR - SH//FT Scholar

  • 2016, "A Trip to Unicorn Island" wins Streamy for Best Feature Film and garners 3 billion social media impressions upon premiere

  • 2015, You Kick Ass, LLC. is awarded funds on Shark Tank

  • 2014, Under Alesia's lead the I Love Makeup youtube channel becomes the #1 organically viewed beauty channel in the world 

  • 2013, "Small Fish" Short Film wins best short at Hollywood Reel International Film Festival

  • 2012, "Look at Me" First Feature Film is distributed by Gravitas    

  • 2009, "Grown Folks" Music Video wins Silver Lei, Honolulu Film Awards & Award of Excellence Accolade

  • 2007, "First Date" Short Film wins Special Jury Prize at the Florida Music Festival Indie Film Jam

  • 2007, "So You Wanna Be a Papparazzo" Short Film wins Audience Award at 48FP

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